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There are unfortunate times where surgery is the only option to repair and injury.  It is imperative that the guidance you receive is from someone who understands the procedures, what is required going into the surgery and an effective recovery protocol post-surgery.


Randy Goodman has managed hundreds of post-operative cases, for many of the best surgeons in  North America, including observing many procedures in the operating room. As well he has been a consultant in recovery for many professional teams and their  athletes during the off-season.


The first step to effective recovery is understanding the mechanism of injury that has occurred, and the procedure to be performed.  Often individual surgeons have distinct procedures they use, and this is important to know in planning the recovery. 

The next step is to have a well designed Pre- Operative plan to strength related areas, so that you are in the best possible condition prior to the surgery.  This has shown significantly better results post-operatively.  As well, with athletes it is essential to maintain your fitness level in a safe manner to minimize the time it takes to return to sport following your recovery from the surgery. This pre-operative plan will take about 4 weeks to complete prior to your surgery , if the time is available.


Once the procedure is completed by the surgeon, Randy will communicate with the surgeon about the procedure performed, and challenges, and the protocol of recovery will be agreed to. Post- operative inflammation is managed,  and range of motion and strength are restored. Rechecks with the surgeon are planned and you are monitored every step of the way.  Finally , you are moved into the next phases of the Goodman Recovery Continuum.




Premiere Elite Athlete Private Consultation

Goodman Sport Physiotherapy offers access in person and online to one of the leading sport physiotherapists in Canada, 24/7. 


Professional athletes travel throughout North America and around the world, never knowing where or when and injury will occur.


It is critical for the pro athlete to have a rehab professional they can trust, with expertise in elite level sports recovery.  


Through his involvement in sport  medicine recovery for many years, Randy Goodman has developed extensive network of qualified Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation professionals and will connect you with the best recovery expert in your area.


Randy will liase with your team medical staff, agent, and anyone else you need to have informed, to ensure a smooth recovery of you injury. Timely diagnosis and care is essential to speed recovery and get you back in the game.


 As well, Goodman Sport Physiotherapy offers intensive “recovery camps” in Kelowna BC.  Come and stay in one of the most beautiful cities in Canada and concentrate on your recovery.  For information on Recovery Camps click here

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