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Randy Goodman, B.Sc.PT., Dip. Sports P.T.

Clinical Specialist in Sports Physiotherapy


Having graduated from Dalhousie University in 1988, Randy went on to achieve his certification in Sports Physiotherapy and completed his Diploma is Sports Physiotherapy in 1994.  He then progressed to become an instructor and examiner for Sport Physiotherapy Canada, and an Associate Clinical Professor at UBC School of Medicine and Physiotherapy.  He is one of only 4 individuals in Canada who has received the designation as a Clinical Specialist in Sports Physiotherapy from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.


Randy Goodman is one of the premier Sport Physiotherapists in Canada

He has provided care and advice for some of the best athletes in the world in the field of injury recovery, return to sport and athlete development.  This experience has transformed into providing guidance and mentoring of therapists throughout North America on how to maximize recovery and performancet in developing and elite athletes.


While his passion is working with developing athletes, Randy has worked with athletes from virtually all professional levels of sport.  This includes athletes from the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLS, PGA, AHL, NCAA, and CIS.  He has provided coverage for multiple international sporting events including World Championships, the Pan Am Games, and the Olympics. 


As well, he has coordinated care and development for multiple national teams including the Canadian Figure Skating and Freestyle Ski team, and consults with other national teams on the design of their integrated support for athletes.  He has worked at the national/international level with hockey, basketball, soccer, volleyball,  skiing, snowboard,  figure skating, football, golf, athletics, triathlon,  tennis, cross country skiing, wakeboard, swimming and diving, gymnastics, baseball, and Paralympic sports.  He speaks throughout North America on the rehabilitation and training of developing athletes.


Randy has worked for the past 33 years at all levels of sport, from the grassroots to the professional level, culminating in supervising the Therapy Services in the Athlete Village for the 2010 Olympics games.  This experience includes managing clinics in the Okanagan, and most recently being the Director of the Fortius Institute, a premier Sport Medicine, Science, and Athlete Training Facility in Vancouver with over 100 staff including physicians, therapists, scientists, and training staff.

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