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The key to a successful recovery is early accurate diagnosis of an injury, followed by management of the inflammatory process.  This accelerates you to the repair phase, and then finally the functional return to sport process.

The first step is to manage the acute injury as efficiently and effectively as possible.  “Time is of the essence” with a sports injury, especially early in the process of recovery.


It is imperative that the athlete has information about the injury as quickly as possible from experts in their field.  The first step is to book an assessment of the injury.  To book an appointment click here.  


The assessment will be approximately 1 hour and involve a thorough history of you and your injury, and a thorough physical assessment of the injured area and all other relevant structures.  Then, we put all of the information gathered (referral, history, mechanism, sport, imaging, special tests and assessment)  together and develop a complete plan of the rehab process that we will work together on to maximize your recovery. This includes communication with you physician, referral to any necessary specialists and further diagnostic tests required.  Once we have an accurate diagnosis, we then initiate the injury management process.





You will be guided through managing this immediate inflammatory process including using modalities to minimize any detrimental effects of the inflammation.  Regaining range of motion and strength will be the next stage of recovery in the clinic as well as prescribed exercises in our recommended fitness facilities, or you own.  It is imperative that there is effective communication with your strength and conditioning professional to ensure safe progression through the process, but maintaining as much fitness as possible.  As well,  every client will be given a prescribed exercise program to aid in recovery.  You will then progress to the next phase of the Goodman Recovery Continuum.


Premiere Elite Athlete Private Consultation

Goodman Sport Physiotherapy offers access in person and online to one of the leading sport physiotherapists in Canada, 24/7. 


Professional athletes travel throughout North America and around the world, never knowing where or when and injury will occur.


It is critical for the pro athlete to have a rehab professional they can trust, with expertise in elite level sports recovery.  


Through his involvement in sport  medicine recovery for many years, Randy Goodman has developed extensive network of qualified Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation professionals and will connect you with the best recovery expert in your area.


Randy will liase with your team medical staff, agent, and anyone else you need to have informed, to ensure a smooth recovery of you injury. Timely diagnosis and care is essential to speed recovery and get you back in the game.


 As well, Goodman Sport Physiotherapy offers intensive “recovery camps” in Kelowna BC.  Come and stay in one of the most beautiful cities in Canada and concentrate on your recovery.  For information on Recovery Camps click here

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