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So often athletic potential at the elite level is not realized due to poor collaboration between the athlete, the coach, and the support team for the athlete ( sport science, medical, rehab, and strength and conditioning). 


Over his career, Goodman has met with many “ elite” athletes at the national or professional  level who do not have properly periodized and specific performance plans.  Performance training manages that process, and pulls all the pieces together to plan progressive training and performance together.





















The psychology side of performance is absolutely imperative, and these skills need to be honed and developed just as all other sports and performance skills.  Through the network, Goodman works with some of the leading sports psychologists in the industry and encourages collaboration with this professional as part of the athlete support team for training and recovery.


True champions understand the value of rest and recovery.  It is not about doing “ more” it is about training smarter.  Season long monitoring, nutrition and sleep are important components in any program and must be planned and emphasized.  Overuse and fatigue decrease the ability to perform, and are often one of the missed pieces to World Class performance.  There are a lot of theories out there, so it is important to have a professional like Goodman on your team to sift through the ‘ Noise” on the internet and use evidence based principles to help with performance.


Finally, when training and competing at the elite level, injuries occur.  With a team of support performing in a collaborative manner, these injuries are managed accurately and efficiently reducing downtime.  Many things can be done to reduce the impact of an injury on training and performance. 

It starts with the proper physical testing including movement screening to identify issues and prevent overuse injuries, followed by specific physical testing  to establish where the athlete is performing based on norms for the sport.  Goodman networks with some of the best physiologists and biomechanists in North America to establish a starting point and potential for further monitoring.


The next step is to work with an appropriate strength and conditioning individual and the athlete to address weakness, and progress to improving on the areas identified with consultation with the coach and the sports science team.  If all the “ cogs” of the engine are functioning together the athlete benefits greatly.  Through his years of experience , Goodman has created a network of experts in their field throughout North America to assist the athlete, wherever their training location.

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