Goodman Sports Physiotherapy Partners

Goodman Sports Physiotherapy is pleased to partner with a number of outstanding businesses and organizations dedicated to sports training, injury prevention and injury management. A few of our partners are listed here.

ProSmart Sports


ProSmart Sports is a company dedicated to developing technology-based, inclusive  learning systems to help develop all young athletes. Randy Goodman is an official advisor to the company and has contributed his expertise in the development of ProSmart content. To learn more about the ProSmart system, visit

Charlottetown Physiotherapy

Charlottetown Physiotherapy is a multi-disciplinary rehabilitation center, serving Prince Edward Island since 1994. We provide a full range of rehabilitation services in our 4000 square foot facility, located at the corner of Kensington Road and Garfield Street in Charlottetown. We offer ample free parking and our clinic is wheelchair accessible. Our services are covered by private health insurance plans, Workers Compensation Boards, Veterans Affairs Canada, and motor vehicle insurers. to learn more click here


Fortius Sport & Health


It is, without a doubt, the premiere sports fitness, training and injury management facility in western Canada. Fortius Sport & Health is a state of the art centre providing the leading edge in athlete training, injury recovery and the pioneering of innovative, new trainind and injury treatment techniques. Goodman Sports Physiotherapy is pleased to be partnered with Fortius and support its efforts. Visit Fortius by clicking