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Following an acute injury or surgery and the management of the immediate injury episode,  the next phase is Recovery.  This involves progressing the athlete through a step wise process to regain Range of Motion and Strength in the injured areas as well as the rest of the anatomical chain ( joints above and below ).  An example of this is working on recovery of an ankle joint from a stability, mobility and strength perspective, but also looking up the anatomical chain to ensure the knee, hip and lumbar spine are working properly. 


It is significantly important with athletes to look at the entire athlete and use this recovery time to address  other imbalances in strength or function.   This can be a situation such as managing an ACL repair recovery , but ensuring that we have solid core and hip strength to prevent any groin injuries.  This process applies to musculoskeletal injuries, surgeries and even post-concussion recovery.


Finally any protective bracing or equpiment changes can be completed to ensure the injured area is protected. Goodman has over 25 years experince in fitting protective  bracing, footwear, orthotics, and equipment fitting.

Recovery Camps

The Okanagan Valley is one of the most scenic places in Canada.  An ideal location to spend a concetrated time focusing on recovery and preparation for sport. In fact, many professional athletes choose to live in the Kelowna area in the off-season.


Working with local hotels and sporting facilities, Goodman can arrange an in-depth 3-6 week " Recovery Camp" to allow the athlete to train and recovery optimally without the regular day to day distractions . This allows both mental and physcial recovery.  Let our network of integrated support professinals design the best program possibel for you. For information on recovery camps please click here

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